Of sorrow, Samuel Johnson wrote: “Sorrow is the state of mind in which our desires are fixed upon the past, without looking forward to the future, an incessant wish that something were otherwise than it has been, a tormenting and harassing want of some enjoyment or possession we have lost.”

Sorrow fools the mind into thinking that the best days are behind instead of in front. It comes from a sting in the past, reverberating painfully to us in the present and affecting our outlook of the future.

– Nick Pitts


Yesterday a brilliant teenager gave me valuable insight about my life:

People have no idea what to do about a particular scenario or about their life. They come to you for wisdom/counsel. You design a clear and structurally sound blueprint for them to execute. They take the blueprint, modify it, and then move on to execution. Their modifications create design and engineering flaws. When the eventual problems occur they avoid returning to you (for a variety of reasons), or they do come to you to clean up their mess.

Takeaway Lessons For Me
1) Many people don’t listen.
2) People want to control what they don’t know they don’t understand.
3) Pride comes before the fall.
4) Teenagers rock.