Morning Leaders – All For The Love

Morning Leaders. If I didn’t love I wouldn’t be writing many of the things that I write here at Morning Leaders. I write because of love to either bring exhortation, encouragement, wisdom, understanding, and even say the things that many people feel but would never say out loud. Love is what makes it possible to fully embrace truth. #WithMuchLove

I Heart Teaching


This past Friday evening I had the privilege of speaking to forty-two youth and young adults at Life Together Fellowship in the Bronx. It could have been very easy for me to stand in front of the podium for 40 minutes and talk. Instead I had everyone sit in a circle and I proceeded to both speak and lead them in group exercises. Everyone was involved. We had seventy-five minutes of truth, fun, and realness.

It is in nights like Friday I am reminded how much I love teaching. That night could have gone on for two and a half hours easily with the content I had and the engagement of those forty-two lives. What touched me most is seeing the lightbulbs go on in their head as I began to take the masks off they were wearing and honestly acknowledge them for who they were as individuals, without judgment. As one parent mentioned to me at the end of the night, you described my child to the tee.


“Everyone has a story, and they are just waiting for someone to share it with”, was a remark one of the teens shared that night when I asked what she had learned. I am grateful I was there to facilitate a space for those who felt voiceless to have a safe space to share their story.


Book Publishing Must-Have – APE

This Guy Kawasaki book has been a great read so far. I am halfway through the read and have gained so much knowledge on eBooks and self-publishing. If you are looking to self-publish, especially via eBooks, I highly recommend it.