Morning Leaders – Manipulation and Control

Morning Leaders. The beautiful thing about centralized power in an organization is that many things can get done, and get done well. One of the trappings of centralized power is it breeds Manipulation and Control Issues from the person ultimately in charge. As a leader are you Manipulative and/or do you have Control Issues? Wait, don’t answer that. Instead ask the people on your team. They will tell you the truth quicker than you will tell yourself. Unless of course you have designed such a culture of fear you have silenced them from sharing the Truth. #UnhealthyLeadership #Controlling #Manipulation #CultureOfFear

Morning Leaders – Share Your Narrative

Morning Leaders. I am so accustomed to disqualifying my own story that I do not even bring it up in conversations with people unless it just happens to come up. As I am acknowledging this behavior and becoming more aware of this, I am choosing to stop disqualifying and intentionally share my narrative. If you can relate to this, be encouraged by my journey. You too can and should share your narrative. You, and I, are worth it. #ReadAllAboutIt