Morning Leaders – Wing Clip

Morning Leaders. A friend recently shared with me how we clip the wings of birds to allow them to fly a little but not enough so they can get away. This is replicated in some organizations. They clip the people’s wings to restrict independence and to make them easier to manage (read: control) in order to socialize them into their system. As a result some people get so socialized they never fly the way they were designed to fly. #WingClippers #CultureOfFear #BewareOfTheClip

Morning Leaders – Autocrats

Morning Leaders. Autocrats are able to get things done, but it is usually at the cost of people’s independence and their spirits. I truly despise autocratic behavior in organizations. The scariest part for me is the majority of autocrats usually don’t believe they are being autocrats. #AbsolutePowerCorruptsAbsolutely #ReadTheNews #CheckYourHeart