Theology, The Arts, & Me

While I have been wrestling in this recent conversation with Theology and The Arts, I came across this video of David Taylor and I think it is extremely challenging for artist and people of faith.  I was affirmed and encouraged by Mr. Taylor’s thoughts.

Please take the time to watch it and see what comes from your dialogue with this pastor artist.

<p><a href=”″>David Taylor-In His Own Words</a> from <a href=””>The Austin Stone</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Tweets For Thought

I thought it would be interesting to post a blog of some of the interesting Tweets that made me think this past week:

  • RT @Aarborn: Music turns cold memories hot. Forgotten to remembered. -Dr. Jeremy Begbie
  • RT @ihoughton: I’m bound and determined to be more DYNASTY minded than DESTINY minded. Not where I’m going but what I’m leaving behind.
  • RT @drlizrios: Community is the birth place of the self! Be who you are! -Rebecca Radillo
  • RT @brendanprout: When God looks @ a city, he does not see a city w/ a church in it. He sees a church with a city around it. – Jeremy Begbie
  • RT @BrianHowe: “Is it possible the creative act is simply the materialization of the future- making the invisible, visible?” – @erwinmcmanus
  • RT @TrentShelton: You’ll never catch the dream that God has for your life without following Him. #RehabTime
  • RT @knightopia: “If you’re going to innovate, you’ve got to be prepared to fail.” -John Fishburne, City of #CLT
  • RT @RealTalk: The only thing worse than losing someone, is losing yourself.
  • RT @drlizrios: Reject rejection not ourselves! Dr Samuel Betances
  • RT @josephdominick: Morning Leaders. “Love doesn’t oppress you” – E.C. (Word! Be mindful of how others “love” on you) #wholeness
  • RT @drlizrios: Sermon Title: God’s Graffiti / sometimes all you have to do to get in trouble is to show up the way God made you! Speak!!! Dr Samuel Betances
  • RT @EricVeras: “Wow mommy, thanks! 50 Shades of Grey!” -color blind 1st grader receiving a box of crayons

Atlanta Bound

Yeah it’s 4:30 in the morning. And where am I? I am at LaGuardia Airport getting ready to go to Atlanta.  I am not tired…yet. So why Atlanta? 

FTE (Fund for Theological Education) is why. They provided a grant to one of the organizations I am a part of, called the Latino Leadership Circle. As a cohort of ministers we annually provide a leadership training program called ACTS. 

All the Grantees of FTE will be convening this weekend in ATL. If I see any cool photos you know I will post them. 


All The World Is A Stage

This week has been so much fun. I was in full artist swing:
Monday I was shooting video at a law firm. Tuesday & Wednesday I was photographing an event in the city. Thursday I was teaching Acting & Improv to some middle school kids at Poe Park in the Bronx with the Caterpillar Crew. Friday was some more Improv and Hosting at JDP Studios with “Theater In The Garden”. And last night I did some acting as part of a screenplay reading at INTAR.

“All the world is a stage,” and so I am grateful to have these various artistic expressions as my part to PLAY. It keeps life fresh and full of joy.

What platforms do you have for artistic expressions? Do you feel you use them well enough? If not, perhaps you can find or create some new ones. 🙂