The Biblical Remix – Dreams

The Biblical Remix – Dreams

Genesis 37:1-11 –

Having big families was the way it was back in the biblical day.  When I say big family I am not talking about like a basketball squad.  I am talking like a football squad.

My man Jacob had twelve sons.  That’s right, Jacob was going in with his wives and concubines. With all them kids you know there had to be a favorite. (Sidenote: How do you remember the names of all them kids if you are the daddy…I’m just saying).

Anyway, Joseph (the second youngest) happened to be the favorite.  His pops showed him mad love.  He even bought him a colorful Louis Vuitton Lambskin Jacket with a matching pair of Wolf Grey Air Yeezy 2 sneakers.

Of course Joseph’s brothers were hating on him big time.  It also didn’t help Joseph was OD happy to share about the two dreams he had where everyone in the family was bowing down to him in honor.

While Joseph was sharing his dreams and his brothers were looking at him with mad rage, this chorus of Bruno Mars was playing in the background:

“This one’s for you and me, living out our dreams, we’re all right where we should be…”


Some of us have seen our dreams played out right before our eyes in our imagination.  Others have never dared to dream beyond their circumstances.   And yet still there are those embracing and living out their dreams right here and right now.

What is a dream?  What is this future reality/fantasy that stirs up this great longing inside of us?

For Joseph it was prophetic.  God was literally showing him a portion of what would happen in his future.  And God gave him the same message in two dreams.

What about you? What has God been saying to you?  What dreams and longings has He been encouraging you to pursue?

Whatever they are I am encouraging you not to give up on your dreams.  Though this world and/or your family may not embrace it, that is no cause to kill off the dream.  You were made for more than the ordinary.  Dare to live in the extraordinary.  You know you are worth it.

The Biblical Remix – Can You


The Biblical Remix – Can You

Job 2:7-10 –

Job had it real bad. Satan had struck him with sores all over his body.  His breath was mad stank.  He was in constant pain.  And his wife looked at him like he was naaasty.

One day while he was sitting by a heap of trash his wife stepped to him and told him to curse God and just die.  Daaaag!

Job looked at her and told her dead in her face she was a fool.

While his wife walked away with an attitude, this New Edition song played in the background:

“Storms will come, This we know for sure, (This we know for sure), Tell me baby can you stand the rain…”


Sometimes in relationships we align ourselves with people who buckle under the pressure and stop supporting us. That feeling sucks. Especially when you were diligent in supporting the other person all the way.

I was in that kind of situation some years ago.  It was no bueno.  I lost perspective and spent most of my energies trying to please her not knowing on her part it was conditional.

At the end of the day, I am a “ride or die” kind of guy.  Therefore loyalty is a core value for me in a relationship.  If we are in this together, then there is full commitment in spite of all the bullcrap.

Job needed that kind of support.  Many of us need that kind of support.

Job was a real G because he did not take his wife’s advice.  Actually he blew up her spot by calling her on her foolishness.

If the person you are with right now doesn’t fully support you by their ACTIONS (Note:  I did not use their “words”), you might want to reexamine your relationship.  However before you do that you better make sure your actions exemplify loyalty first.  You cannot be a princess/prince and expect others just to serve you and you not do the same. (Note: I am biased against self-centered/selfish people. I am still learning to show mercy regarding their foolishness. If you just took offense to what I wrote, you might be that princess/prince…I’m just saying).