The Biblical Remix – Real Love

The Biblical Remix – Real Love

1 Samuel 25:2-39 –

Abigail was a ride or die chick.  She truly loved her husband Nabal, even though he was a fool.  Sad enough, the name Nabal actually translates as fool.

Nabal was mad rich.  No not ghetto fab rich, I mean really rich. Unfortunately he had a nasty attitude and didn’t know how to talk to people.

One day with respect and dignity David sent a text message to Nabal asking if he could hook him & his people’s up with some food and drink.  During that time David had watched out for Nabal’s servants and property and did not let robbers hurt them. He thought in looking out for him Nabal would follow through as was a custom of the times.  Instead Nabal started badmouthing the name of David and sent him a text back “Who the heck are you? You ain’t nobody”.

No bueno.  David got tight and left his crib in the wilderness (Sidenote: David was hiding from the authorities at this time so he was kinda roaming from spot to spot with his 600 warriors).

David was now in pursuit to destroy Nabal’s entire household.

One of the servants told Abigail about the text message exchange so she had to come to the rescue.  She hooked up some chicken wings, biscuits, and mashed potatoes and sent them ahead to David and his people.  She also sent some pumpkin pie.  Then she took it upon herself to go down to meet David before things popped off.

When she saw David she got off the donkey she was riding and apologized for the foolishness of her husband.  With great words she calmed David down and stopped the beat down that was about to take place

When she got back home Nabal was drinking and partying hard.  Weed and Hennessy was all over the crib.

In the morning as she looked at the hungover Nabal, this Toni Braxton song was playing in the background:

“How many ways, I love you, Let me count the ways, How many ways, I love you, Let me count the ways…”


I see Nabals all the time.  They are clowns.  Dudes who do not bring any real value to a relationship.  And yet I see SO many women dating and/or living with Nabals. Of course I do not need to mention any names because the truth is you know names from your own circle of friends and family.

The saddest part is these women are intelligent, beautiful, and full of wisdom, yet CHOOSE to connect themselves with damn fools. Deep inside they know he is a fool, but what is it that keeps them in these relationships?

Sometimes it is straight booty.  They enjoy getting tapped from him.  Sometimes it is money.  Many times it is pure desperation.  Did I say “desperation”?  Ya damn skippy.  They don’t want to be alone and gravitate to the first dude who will throw some game their way or at least pay attention to them.  Upon further examination they have low standards because they have low self-worth. Pause, and think about that ladies.

As for the fellas, we are not exempt from this either. I know plenty of dudes, including myself, who have embraced female Nabals for the same above mentioned reasons.  Are we really that shallow?  Is the drama really worth it?  Really?

Now for everyone.  Should you choose to stay with that fool, you will have to do damage control constantly.  If you don’t believe me, look at the deterioration of your close friendships and your family.  Yeah!  That is because of the fool you desperately want to keep in your life.

You need to be like Abigail and get off  the ass you are riding and humble yourself by getting on your knees.  Please pray and ask God for direction.  Ask Him to expose the things you are too blind and too close to see.  He has been warning you through friends and strangers and you have chosen not to receive the message. (Sidenote: This is that message).

Also ask Him for grace to help you through the mess you are in, whether it is the mess you CHOOSE to stay in or the mess you CHOOSE to get out of.

God knows the intentions of your heart so do not think you are fooling Him.  If you want the assistance, truly pray.  If you enjoy your fool, don’t say you weren’t warned.


The Biblical Remix – Groove Me

The Biblical Remix – Groove Me

2 Samuel 11:1-5 –

Because of the itis, King David took a nap during the hot noontime.  When he finally woke up he went to the roof to chill.

While he was walking he peeped a fine brown skinned honey taking a bath.  He got so lost scoping her bootie he immediately asked one of his boys about her. Bathsheeba was her name.  The peoples knew about Bathsheeba cuz she looked so fine.  Yeah, you know what I mean. However David was now noticing all the packaging underneath the wrapping paper.

With boldness David had someone go to her place and invite her to the king’s palace.  When David got her to his room this Guy song was playing in the background:

“Groove Me baby tonight, Tonight right now baby, That’s what I want you to do, Don’t say no, Don’t say maybe, Groove Me baby now…”


As the story goes on in the rest of the chapter Bathsheeba actually finds out she is pregnant and sends word to King David.

“I’m pregnant”.  Those are heavy words to hear from a woman who is married to another dude.  As the new baby-daddy to be, David had  some real drama.

I could take this time to write about adultery and creeping, and the foul things we do to cover up our messes.  That would be easy.  What is harder is the condition of our hearts, my heart, when hearing those words “I’m pregnant”.

Women have their own anxiety when they miss their period and find themselves having to take a pregnancy test.  Some are delighted with the results.  Some are not.

I have had to stare that conversation down two different times.  One of them was direct.  Having been the one who bought the pregnancy test from the store I had to wait for the results standing outside the bathroom door.  Truth be told I was at a more selfish time in my life and I was not happy with the results.  I didn’t want her to have the baby.  Within a month or two it proved to be a false alarm as she was not pregnant.  However the situation clearly exposed the condition of my heart.  I was willing to do the dance but not embrace the consequences of my action.  I voted for murder.

The second time I experienced that “I’m pregnant” moment was indirectly.  The more accurate phrase would be “I was pregnant”.  Yeah, I am going there.

In 2004 I received a letter from an ex-girlfriend who shared with me a story that haunted her for eight long years.  About six weeks after our breakup she learned she was pregnant.  She did not know what to do since we were no longer together.  By the third month she terminated the pregnancy.   I found out while I was reading the letter some eight years later.

For about two hours I was numb. My whole world would have been different.

When I was able to function I called her up and apologized for not being there.  Now I understood why she told me she was going to send me a letter in the mail. When we spoke God’s grace was there.  She thought I would hate her.  I didn’t. We were able to have healthy conversations about it. She needed that healing because the truth was a huge burden. I needed it too.

I am not sure why I am sharing this with you.  Perhaps you needed to hear this today.  Please know that God makes ALL things new.  If your heart was broken…if you made this choice…if you were never told…if your life was altered…remember, God is here.  His love is amazing and I pray that He may comfort you even now.  You don’t have to be haunted by your past decisions.  You can be restored.  That is exactly what happened with David and Bathsheeba.

Embrace the love of God today.  His arms are wide open…for you.

The Biblical Remix – On The Floor

The Biblical Remix – On The Floor

2 Samuel 6:11-22 –

Although everywhere in spirit, God literally put His very presence up in this golden box called “The Ark of the Covenant”.  God showed His peeps He wanted to be up in the midst of them, even if they didn’t know how to act sometimes.

For like 20 years though this Ark was in the northwest part of town about 9 miles away.  The new king, David, was so amped he built a new house so he could have the Ark in the center of town.

After some time David, his army and thousands of peeps went with him to the northwest side of town.  From there, they walked, sang, danced, and made animal sacrifices for the 9 mile stretch in order to bring back the Ark to Zion, aka the City of David (Side note: That is so “G” when a city is named after you).

Of course King David was up in the front dancing his butt off. He had no shame in getting his groove on for God.

As King David was showing off his breakdancing skills, this J.Lo song played:

“If you go hard you gotta get on the floor, If you’re a party freak then step on the floor, If you’re an animal then tear up the floor…”


King David knew how to worship God.  Without fear he sang/danced/honored God for the great things God had done in his life.  And he did that also in public.

Am I that vulnerable?  Am I that free?  Sometimes.

Certain songs take me to a place where I can find that freedom in singing and honoring God. Actually is a great joy when I’m in that place.

Only recently have I learned I could also worship God not just through song and dance, but by being/doing the very thing God designed me for.  With drama/photography/videography/counseling/consulting I can flow in worship.  Yeah.  As Pastor Eli says a bird can’t tell you how it flys.  It just flys.  Because that is what is was born to do.

So what were you born to do? Whatever that is, do that.  Worship God in doing that/those things.

Like King David make sure you go hard and leave it on the floor.

The Biblical Remix – Thankful

The Biblical Remix – Thankful

2 Samuel 9 –

My dude Mephibosheth, aka Meph, had a hard life.  Even though his granddad was the king, by the age of five the whole kingdom fell apart.  His granddad and his pops were murdered.  In fear, Meph’s babysitter started running away and dropped the five year old Meph.  From the fall both his legs became crippled.  And he would stay that way the rest of his life.

Fast forward years later a new king named David ruled.  David and Meph’s father, Jonathan, were boys from back in the day.  David and Jonathan made a pact that if anything happened to one of them, the other would take care of his family.

When King David learns of Meph’s existence, he sends for him to come to the king’s house.  Then David hooks up Meph with all the property and workers that used to belong to his granddad.  Meph is also given an apartment at the king’s house and is commanded to always eat at the king’s table like one of the king’s own sons.  Meph done hit the lottery.

In the background this Alicia Myers song played:

“I want to thank you Heavenly Father, for shining your light on me…”


I was intentional about using this song to start off this new year.  I have been sharing these Biblical Remixes for a year and a half now and am deeply moved at your encouraging comments, poignant responses, and interesting conversations both online and in the real world.  Indeed I am very, very thankful.

The story of Mephibosheth is quite amazing.  When we meet Meph in the above passage, he is a grown man being brought to the table of the king.  King David wants to honor him because of the oath he and Meph’s father made many years ago.  I am amazed at Meph’s response in verse eight: “Who am I that you pay attention to a dead dog like me?”

A couple of weeks ago this response came alive for me.  I am Mephibosheth. Time and time again God brings me to the table of a “king”.  In my various roles, I am regularly invited to the table of lawyers, the table of photographers, the table of pastors, the table of social workers, and the table of leaders.  And yet I feel and believe in my mind “Who am I that I deserve to be at this table?  I am a dead dog.  I am not qualified or worthy to be at the table.”  Amazingly enough God continues to put me at the table and shows Himself off through my lack of credentials.

I share this with you because this is a process I am walking through with God’s assistance.  Perhaps you can relate.  Or perhaps you know someone who is walking a similar journey through the halls of shame.  At the end of the day our worth comes from the One who created us and the One who gave His life for us.

The next time you get invited to the table, don’t back off because you are not qualified or don’t “feel” worthy.  Embrace the love of the all consuming God who wants to show you your worth and also show the world He can accomplish anything through a willing vessel.  You belong at the table because the King decreed it.  Holla!

The end result for Meph was the exact meaning of his name.  Mephibosheth means “dispeller of shame”.  God drove away the shame in various directions by restoring the mind of the dead dog to the eternal seat at the kings table.  Meph was now just like one of the king’s own sons.

Be encouraged.