The Biblical Remix – Don’t Believe

The Biblical Remix – Don’t Believe

Acts 16:16-18 –

While on a missionary trip in Macedonia, Paul and his peoples were walking to the spot for prayer. Along the way a slave girl who was a psychic crossed their path.  This chick started yelling and screaming how these men were godly men and how what they were preaching was a good thing.

For a few days she followed them around and kept yelling these things to the surrounding crowds.

Finally Paul got so tight he looked at her and with God’s authority he commanded the demon spirit that was possessing her to bounce.  And just like that the demon spirit left her.

In the background this Public Enemy song was playing:

“Don’t Believe The Hype, Don’t…Don’t…Don’t…Don’t Believe The Hype…Hoooyeah”


The slave girl was rolling with them for a minute.  She was giving them props and acting like a hype-person for the good things they were doing.  However she was not of the right spirit.

There are people who at times roll with us who seem down for the cause but they are not really down with us.  They have a separate agenda.  Some even have a negative or perverse spirit.  Many times that is hard for us to notice.

Even some of the people who originally started out with us on a project can be down for the wrong reason.

Discernment is the key.  You…we…must discern what spirit we are allowing to join with us.  Not everybody has that love and pure motive to take a project through to the end.  This is applicable in work, ministry, and even relationships.

Be careful who you join yourself too.  And remember, don’t believe the hype.

The Biblical Remix – U Down Wit’

The Biblical Remix – U Down Wit’

Genesis 39:1-10 –

As a slave bought with money, the Hebrew man Joseph lived in the house of his Egyptian master Potiphar. Within a short time everything Joseph touched and did for his master worked out well.  Potiphar even made Joseph his right hand man.

Joseph was living ghetto fab in Potiphar’s home.  Life was so good even Potiphar’s wife started checking him out. Every day she tried to get Joseph to sleep with her.  She wasn’t even low key about it.  She was hard core desperate for some Hebrew booty.  And every day Joseph would say “No”.

One day while all alone with Joseph, Potiphar’s wife walked in with a skin-tight gown on.  She turned on her iPod and this Naughty By Nature song began to play:

“You down with OPP, Yeah you know me, You down with OPP, Yeah you know me, Who’s down with OPP…”


As the song continues Treach says, “There’s no room for relationship, there’s just room to hit it.”  That’s exactly what Potiphar’s wife was thinking.  Basically she wanted to use Joseph for her sexual gratification and then have him move on.  She did not value Joseph and actually reduced him to a jump-off.

How many of us have been there?  Honestly.  You didn’t care about him or her or them.  You/we did not have any one in mind but ourselves.  We wanted to feel good.  In our self-centeredness we  dehumanized the other person.  We wanted Other People’s Property so we could have Our Personal Plaything.

No investment.  Just someone to use like a toy. No emotional attachment just pure physical pleasure.  A vibrator with skin and a heart beat.

You may see nothing odd about this.  However, as humans we are wired for connection and community which is why a jump-off doesn’t satisfy us holistically. We are spirit, soul & body. Our spirits are actually neglected and soiled each time.  Some times even our souls and bodies are soiled.

Perhaps if there were less jump offs, there might be less children born out of wedlock without baby daddys absent.

Perhaps if there were less jump offs, there might be more women seeing themselves as more than just a physical encounter for a man.

Perhaps if there were less jump offs, there might be more men honoring women as a human being and not a sexual play thing.

So, who u down wit?

The Biblical Remix – Now That We Found

The Biblical Remix – Now That We Found

Song of Solomon 8:1-7 –

The slow jam of all slow jams is the Song of Solomon.  In this song Solomon and his Bride share their heart and even their little freakiness.

The Bride is desperate to see her boo and can’t wait to give him “the nectar of my pomegranates”.  Freaky indeed.

While speaking to her girlfriends, The Bride advises them not to wake up love until the time is right.  The passion can be overwhelming.

As the Bride waits to satisfy the soon coming Solomon, this Heavy D song is playing in the background:

“Now that we found love what are we gonna do, with it, Now that we found love…”


If u love hip hop, u know I chose this song because of the recent death of Mr Big Stuff, Heavy D.

At the young age of 44 he was able to accomplish so much creatively and touch so many lives.

Jesus, at the age of 33, touched so many lives too. Nearly 2,000 years later and people are still adoring Him and loving Him.

Why? Because He showed us how God’s love was as strong as death. Jesus had nuttin’ but love for us & died on a cross so we would have access to God.  Now that you have found the Love of Jesus at the Cross, what are you gonna do with it?

The Biblical Remix – My Last

The Biblical Remix – My Last

Daniel 5:1-4 –

King Belshazzar was going in with his peoples at this huge party he threw.  They were popping bottles and having a good time.

Belshazzar was feeling so nice he gave the command to bring out the gold and silver mugs which were used in the temple in Jerusalem.  Those mugs were used by the priests in worshipping God before the Jewish people had been captured.

As they filled up the gold and silver mugs with rosay, a DJ was playing this Big Sean song in the background:

“I’mma hit this drink up like it’s my last, I’mma hit this night up like it’s my last…swear i’mma do it like I, Like I never had, Like I never had it at all all all all, all all all all…”


Some people believe if you ain’t doing it big, you ain’t doing nothing at all.  That was exactly the lifestyle of King Belshazzar.  Unfortunately the king did not know that night was going to be his last.  He wound up being killed.

Too many of us make poor decisions thinking we have to show off or look good amongst our peers.  It ain’t that serious.  You don’t have to prove a damn thing to anybody.

Also too many of us live like there is no tomorrow.  We have a momentary lifestyle.  I party hard to make me happy now.  I spend money (I don’t have) to make me happy now.  I max out credit cards because there is no future.  There is only now.

The bible says there is a way that seems right to a person, but in the end it leads to death.  Don’t let that be you.