The Biblical Remix – My Life

The Biblical Remix – My Life

Job 30:1-31 –

Job was the epitome of swag.  He had property, money, and plenty of children.  Then in one day, it was all taken from him violently.

After that, dude then had painful sores show up all over his body.

His boys came through and saw how jacked up Job was.  They were speechless.  All they could do is sit with him for seven whole days and not say a word.

Job had it so bad, his skin would scab, turn black and fall on the floor.  His breath became atrocious, his wife was disgusted with him, he had fever, excessive thinness and was in pain day and night.

Even bums Job knew from back in the day, that nobody would listen to, they were now making fun of him and spitting in his face.

In the midst of his pain, this Mary J. Blige song played in his mind:

“If you looked in my life, and see what I’ve seen, You will see I’m so blue, Down and out crying everyday, Don’t know what to do or to say, If you looked in my life, and see what I’ve seen…”


Job’s life was jacked up.  And the same is true for some of us.  If we were honest, our emotional and/or spiritual lives are all over the place. We don’t have it all together.

Yet we persevere and stand.  There are some days we are limping, some days we are crawling.  Wherever you are, I encourage you to keep on the journey.  Don’t give up and throw the towel in.  Too many people have killed themselves or damaged their lives because they just “couldn’t take it anymore”.

Your life is precious.  Your journey is precious.  Keep the faith.  Don’t give up.  Stay fightin’.

PS – Job’s end was greater than his beginning. If you want to know how, peep Job 42.

The Biblical Remix – Hands In Da Air



The Biblical Remix – Hands In Da Air

Luke 17:11-19 –

While Jesus was rolling up into a new neighborhood, ten dudes with the infectious skin condition of leprosy were screaming at him from far like Mister Softie done showed up. They yelled for Jesus to show them some mercy.

At that time lepers were rejected by society and were not allowed to be in contact with non-lepers.

Jesus being all smooth just gives them a command to bounce and go to the priests.  The priests at that time were the ones who checked you out to see if leprosy was still there or not.

Once the ten dudes obeyed Jesus’ command and started walking towards the priests, Bam, they were cured.

While nine of them ran off in excitement, one of the dudes went up to Jesus screaming and hollering like he won the lotto.  This dude was a foreigner (a Samaritan).  He couldn’t stop thanking Jesus.  He even bowed down on the floor to give thanks.

While he was screaming in thankfulness, this Taio Cruz song was playing in the background:

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, Saying AYO! Gotta let go. I wanna celebrate…”


So many times we have been foreigners/outcasts in scenarios.  We know the shame/embarrassment of being on the outskirts.  Yet God makes it His business to reach those who reside on the margins.

So whether you grew up in a slum, the projects, or a not so affluent community, please be aware God resides there too.  The streets are a part of His element.

You know times where it was late and you could have been stabbed, raped, shot, or even jumped.  Yet God’s hand of protection was on you.

Let us make sure as the outcasts/misfits that we give God praise and thanks for protecting us and for curing us from a hopeless mindset/worldview.  Some of our people still live like rejected lepers socially and mentally.

The Good News is Jesus is still in the business of showing compassion.  If you are in need of that today, cry out “Jesus, Master, have mercy on me”

The Biblical Remix – Old Me

The Biblical Remix – Old Me

Genesis 32:22-31 –

Jacob’s brother had been planning to kill him so Jacob bounced from his family’s home and went to stay with his uncle who lived very far away.

After 20 years at his uncle’s crib, God told Jacob to go back to his family’s home.  Scared about what his brother would do, Jacob took the journey to Canaan with his new family (wives, children, and plenty of money).

Alone one night on the journey, Jacob had a WWE wrestling match with an Angel of God.  Even though the Angel knocked Jacob’s hip out of joint, Jacob would not let go of the Angel. Jacob told the Angel he wouldn’t let go until the Angel blessed him.

Then the angel gave Jacob a new name. Jacob (wrongdoer) would now be changed to  Israel (prince).

Now blessed, the sun began to rise on Israel.  As he limped down the road, this T.I. song was playing in the background:

“Oh (eyyy), I’ve been travelin’ on this road too long, Just tryna find my way back home, The old me is dead and gone, Dead and gone…”


We have to die to our old nature in order to become a new man/woman.  Many of us still go by an old name of: loser/hoe/rejected/abused/abuser/promiscuous/a nobody/never amount to anything/no one listens to me/worthless.  That has to die in order for us to truly live.

Jesus died for this new nature.  That we could be born anew, or born again, spiritually.  In this renewal there is life like you would never believe.  I speak from experience.

Are you ready to leave the “old you”?

The Biblical Remix – The Best

The Biblical Remix – The Best

Esther 2:12-18 –

While looking for a new queen, King Ahasuerus had his own “American Idol” contest. Virgins from all different places were given 12 months to prepare for this “one night with the king” private performance.

After having gone through much booty, the contest ended when the King spent the night with a beautiful woman named Esther. He done fell in love with her so he made her his new queen.

While putting the crown on Esther’s head, this Drake song was playing in the King’s mind:

“I say you the you the best, You the you the best, You the you the best, You the you the best, You the best I ever had, Best I ever had, Best I ever had, Best I ever had…”

It is very easy to let our physical urges direct our decisions. Some of us have done things in “the name of love” when love was no where in the picture. We know it was just straight booty that swayed us.
Some of us have even gloried in the people we have “had”, like we were conquerors. Were we really that shallow? I will acknowledge I was there at one point in my life. The question is are you still there?