The Biblical Remix – Silent Morning

The Biblical Remix – Silent Morning

2 Samuel 3:12-16 –

When David bounced from the kingdom in fear for his life, King Saul gave David’s wife, Michal, to another dude named Paltiel.

Years later, no longer running from the king, David makes a demand to return his “boo” Michal.  The new king accepts his request and takes Michal from Paltiel.  As Michal is being transported to David’s new crib, Paltiel follows her and is crying the whole time.

After some distance, Paltiel is ordered to go back home.

In the morning when Paltiel woke up, this Noel song was playing in his head:

“Silent Morning, I wake up and you’re not by my side, Silent Morning, You know how hard I try…”


Paltiel must have really loved Michal.  Dude was behind her crying the whole time, and in public.  Who says men don’t have emotions?

Even though we men don’t usually say it or show it, we are deeply sensitive creatures.  Okay I am done being sensitive.  Bye.  LOL.

J.D. On the Mic

It was a great pleasure to be one of the two MCs for this year’s Harvest Fields CommUnity Health Fair & Block Party this past Saturday. It was one of the ways I could serve both God and the community. I love the Bronx and was honored to be involved in this “Kingdom” work.

Even though I do not attend Harvest Fields Community Church, I am so glad they invited me to co-host with Ezzy. Ezzy and I were able to be our zany selves and bring laughter and light-heartedness to all those in attendance.

Big shout-outs to Elaine and Chatoya who coordinated the event and extended the invite to me. And big shout-out to Mitchell Torres, senior pastor at Harvest Fields, for allowing me to work with the Harvest Family.

– J

The Biblical Remix – Give It To Me

The Biblical Remix – Give It To Me

Genesis 18:1-15 –

When Abraham was 99 years God told him he was gonna have a son through his 90 year old wife Sarah.  Abraham laughed inside with joy.

Some time later three dudes (who were really heavenly beings in human bodies) show up at Abraham’s crib and tell him the same thing, that his wife Sarah was gonna get pregnant by him and have a lil boy.

Off to the side, Sarah heard the words and laughed to herself not believing it was possible cuz she was old.  God then shouted Sarah out and told the promise again about the boy to be born (Isaac).

That night when Abraham got in bed with Sarah, this Rick James song was playing on his iPod:

“Give it to me baby, Give it to me baby, I betcha, I’ll make you holler you’ve had enough, Give it to me, Give me that stuff, That funk, That sweet, That funky stuff, Say what…”


Sometimes God will tell you something in private that He will later declare in public, such as the blessing of the child Isaac.  He does this to confirm the plans He has so that we may be encouraged He is not a liar.

Are you willing to believe that which God has already spoken to you?  It is very easy to let human logic get in the way of divine promise.  God is not a man that He should lie.  Have faith and take Him at His Word.

The Biblical Remix – Naughty


The Biblical Remix – Naughty

Matthew 14:3-11 –

The ruler over the region of Galillee was Herod. On his birthday he threw a huge party where all his peoples showed up.

During one part of the party his stepdaughter Salome came out to a solo dance performance.  While she was making it clap and getting low with it, this Beyonce chorus was heard:

“Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl, I’m callin all my girls, We’re gonna turn this party out, I know you want my body…”


Herod got so sexually excited when she finished dancing he offered her whatever she wanted, including up to half of his kingdom.  Urged on by her mother (Herodias), Salome asked Herod to chop off the head of John the Baptist and give it to her on a plate.

Honoring his oath, that is exactly what happened.

In the midst of sexual excitement the best of us have made foolish decisions. Let us exercise wisdom by not putting ourselves in that position in the first place. Therefore we will have less drama and less baby daddys also.

The Biblical Remix – On One


The Biblical Remix – On One

1 Chron 11:22-24 –

When it was time for some action, Benaiah would throw down with the best of them.  His skills were so tight he actually jumped into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion.

If that wasn’t enough, one day  even stepped to a 7 1/2 foot tall Egyptian dude, took the Egyptian’s own spear out of his hands, and used that spear to kill the Egyptian.

When he walked out of that battle this Drake hook was playing in the background:

“I’m on one, Yeah, I said I’m on one…”


When you have skills, let them speak for themselves. You don’t have to go around bragging about how gifted and fly you are.

Remember the road called Pride leads to a destination called Destruction.

May Humility be the fragrance you bring in a room today.