Team Peru Unplugged #1 – Glorify

As I have previously mentioned, I visited Peru on a Missions Trip last month.   My time there was amazing and it was a pleasure to share with you the photos I took on my G12.

Well I also took some video on my G12 and will be sharing some behind the scenes footage soon.  This is the first one.

Here we were in the Santo Domingo area of Lima, Peru waiting for the team bus to pick us up.  Some one started singing and the crew just started flowing.  Here is “Glorify”…

The Biblical Remix – My Head

The Biblical Remix – My Head

2 Samuel 13:1-17 –

Amnon, the king’s son, was lovesick over his half sister, Tamar.  He was losing weight everyday over this issue so his cousin Jonadab gave him a scheme to make him feel better.

Amnon followed the scheme by faking being sick.  His pops, the king, showed up and Amnon made up some story about being so sick that he could not eat and if his sister Tamar could come and make him feel better with her cooking.

At the king’s order Tamar showed up.  While Tamar was cooking Amnon had this Lupe Fiasco song in his head:

“Girl I want you to know, I can’t get you out of my head, my head, my head, Girl I want you to know, I don’t even know what you did…”


The part of the story that I didn’t share is Amnon would soon take his desires of “love” and rape Tamar.  The worst part is after he finished with her, he then had an unusual disgust with her and threw her out of his room.

What some of us define as “love” is really “lust”.

Let us examine ourselves today. The evil outside is great but the capacity for evil inside our hearts is even greater.

The Biblical Remix – I’m A Boss

The Biblical Remix – I’m A Boss

Numbers 16:1-3 –

Rolling with his boys and 250 leaders, Korah ambitiously stepped up to his cousin Moses and tried to son him. Korah felt Moses wasn’t all that as a leader and should not have authority over the entire assembly of the Israelites.

As Korah was leading the charge in this rebellion, this Meek Mills chorus communicated Korah’s heart:

“I’m a boss, I’m a boss. I plan the shots. I call the calls…”


Pride and ambition can cause us to make poor choices.  Too many people think they are a boss when in actuality they are just fools.

Everyone is watching the throne, because in their greedy hearts they want the glory and honor.  Unfortunately God  doesn’t share His glory with anybody.  He alone is God.

Are your motives pure in your current ambitions?