The Biblical Remix – Walks With Me






The Biblical Remix – Walks With Me

Luke 24:13-32 –

A few days after Jesus was crucified on the cross and died, two of his disciples were walking towards a village named Emmaus.  While they were walking and talking, a stranger rolled up into their conversation and asked them why they were sounding so sad. In amazement they broke down all the bochinche (gossip/info) about Jesus of Nazareth and how he was a Prophet and how they had hoped he would have been the redeemer of Israel.

What they didn’t know was the stranger was Jesus himself having already resurrected from the dead.  They saw and spoke with him but their eyes did not notice him.

While walking Jesus then schooled them by teaching about the Christ through the Old Testament scriptures.

During a meal break the eyes of the two men were opened and they realized it was Jesus.  Then Jesus bounced from their sight.

Full of awe the two men shared how when they were on the road their hearts felt like fire when Jesus had talked with them.

As they shared, this Kanye West hook was playing in the background:

“Jesus Walks, God showed me the way but the devil tryin to break me down, Jesus Walks With Me…”


It is in the scriptures that Jesus is revealed as the son of God and as the Savior of humanity. Even when our faith is lacking, Jesus doesn’t see it as a difficult thing to show up in our circumstances to reveal Himself and to encourage us.

Let not your heart be troubled. The God who created the whole universe has you on His mind.  Look closely and see how He is working in/around your life. May your eyes be opened to see Him in a new way today.