The Biblical Remix – Shake What Ya

The Biblical Remix – Shake What Ya

While Moses was in God’s presence on the mountain for 40 days, the Israelites were corrupting themselves by worshipping a golden calf made by Aaron.

As people were laughing, singing and getting buck wild, this Frankie Cutlass song played in the background:

“Shake what ya mamma gave ya! Shake what ya mamma gave ya!”

Exodus 32:1-8 –

The Biblical Remix – Self-Destruction

The Biblical Remix – Self-Destruction

Haman’s intent to destroy Mordecai & the Jewish people backfired on him. When Queen Esther blew up his spot, the King ordered Haman to be hung.

As they carried Haman away, this KRS-One song played in the background:

“Self-Destruction, Ya headed for Self-Destruction, Self-Destruction, Ya headed for Self-Destruction”

Esther 7 –

Acting Class #1 – Jan 2011

Acting Class #1 of 12 – Jan 2011

Last week I started teaching an Acting Class at my studio space in Harlem, NYC.  It is a Basic/Intermediate Class for Adults.  I truly had not intended on teaching an acting class this year.  It came via request and I am very happy it did.

We had 12 brave students step up to the plate last Thursday to work on their craft.  The students were very enthusiastic and cooperative.  It was a pleasure to see them use new muscles and go through the uncomfortableness of the exercises.

My main focus was to steer away from using words.  Too often people equate acting with talking.  So a majority of the exercises I used required no words from the students.  This forced them to listen and to observe.  The 90 minutes went by quickly yet we were able to work.

Later that night after class I had a few students contact me regarding how much they enjoyed the class.  That is always a great thing to hear as a teacher.

Class #2 is tonight.  Let’s see how much fun we will have.

The Biblical Remix – David Danced

The Biblical Remix – David Danced

Excited to bring the ark of God (where God’s presence resided) back to Jerusalem, King David led the way by doing his dance before God.

The King set off the procession by playing this Strafe song:

“Y’all want this party started right, Y’all want this party started quickly right, Set it off I suggest y’all…”

2 Samuel 6:12-15 –

The Biblical Remix – My Prerogative

The Biblical Remix – My Prerogative

Bent on doing things his own way, the Prodigal Son took his inheritance early & spent it like he just won the lotto. This chorus from Bobby Brown was in his heart while he was wilding out:

“Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me, Y don’t they just let me live, I don’t need permission, Make my own decisions, That’s my prerogative”

Luke 15:11-14 –