The Biblical Remix – Beloved’s Daddy

The Biblical Remix – Beloved’s Daddy

While advising her girlfriends not to wake up love until the time is right, the Beloved gets excited when she hears the voice of her man. While he is approaching, Usher’s song plays softly in the background:

“Daddy’s home, home for me, And I know you’ve been waiting for this loving all day, You know your daddy’s home, It’s time to play…”

Song of Solomon 2:3-8 –

The P Tape Chronicles (New Season)

So I prepared a ten-minute theatrical presentation of “The P Tape Chronicles” at the last “Once Upon A Caterpillar” show. Elaine Glover and I performed it before Ezzy’s “Caterpillar” performance.

Rehearsals went rather smoothly in preparation for the performance. Elaine and I have been cool with each other for the past few years but to play the characters of Michelle and Dave it required us to be rather transparent and vulnerable in a very short time. We needed to have that same kind of connection Michelle and Dave have as friends. It was comforting to share with Elaine my personal experiences and thoughts regarding life and relationships. It was also great to learn about her life and her personal experiences.

Just based on the rehearsals I knew something wonderful was happening. Elaine truly breathed life into a Michelle character I created some four years ago. Our connection was believable and I saw how easy it was for us to improvise the scene in rehearsals.

Needless to say the night of the performance Elaine and I were able to introduce “P Tape” to a theatrical audience in a beautiful way.  The feedback has all been positive and I am happy to know people were touched and affected by the message “P Tape” presented.

I look forward to December 17 & 18 where Elaine and I will be performing a twenty minute version of “P Tape” which will precede the next “Once Upon A Caterpillar” performance at Harvest Fields Community Church in the Bronx, NY.

The Biblical Remix – The Immoral Woman

The Biblical Remix – The Immoral Woman

The King schools his son on the foolishness of a young man who got played by a hoochie mama.  Because she aggressively kicked her game she was able to seduce the young man into a deadly trap. BBD described her best with these words:

“Miss her, kiss her, love her, Wrong move you’re dead, That girl is Poisooooon, Never trust a big butt and a smile, That girl is Poisoooooon”

Proverbs 7:4-23 –

Once Upon A Caterpillar (New Season)

This weekend Ezzy and I produced her one-woman show “Once Upon A Caterpillar,” which she performed at New Season Christian Center in the Bronx. The audience was extremely receptive to her characters and her jokes. She did an amazing job. It was a fun night all around.

Before the “Caterpillar” show began, we gave the audience a short performance from another play being worked on called “The P Tape Chronicles”. This 10 minute scene about life and relationships was written by me. So it was especially interesting to be producing the entire night, acting in “P Tape” with Elaine Glover, then directing the “Caterpillar” show. By now you have noticed I do a lil multi-tasking.

After the “Caterpillar” show, Pastor Phil from New Season curated a Q&A discussion with the three cast members. Ezzy shared her heart regarding each character and how they were born. The 50 or so audience members were treated to this behind the scenes conversation which I thought was wonderful.

In a future post I will share my “P Tape Chronicles” experience that night. But for now stay tuned as the official dates for the next “Caterpillar” performance are Dec 17 & 18. This time we will infuse a Christmas theme throughout the night.

The Biblical Remix – David & Bathsheeba

The Biblical Remix – David & Bathsheeba

Up late at night, David was chilling on the rooftop of the projects.  While looking over the ledge, he peeped a woman named Bathsheeba taking a bath. While David was scoping out her body, this LL Cool J song was playing in the background:

“They’re jinglin, baby. Go ‘head, baby. They’re jinglin, baby. Go ‘head, baby. They’re jinglin, baby. Go ‘head, baby…”

2 Samuel 11:1-4 –

The Biblical Remix – Ruth & Boaz

The Biblical Remix – Ruth & Boaz

Even though Ruth was a widowed immigrant, she remained faithful in taking care of her mother-in-law.

When Ruth explained to Boaz why she was lying down @ his feet @ midnight, this Rob Base song was playing in the background:

“It takes two to make a thing go right. Whoa! Yeah! It takes two to make it outta sight. Whoa! Yeah!”

Ruth 3:6-11 –