The Biblical Remix – King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther

The Biblical Remix – King Ahasuerus & Queen Esther

When King Ahasuerus presented his new queen, I believe this Usher song was playing in his mind: “There goes my Baby (ooh girl look at you), You don’t know how good it feels to call you my girl, There goes my Baby, Loving everything you do, Ooh girl look at you”

Esther 2:17-18 –

Slavery Status Update 2.0 (repost)

I posted this in February 2009.  When I wrote it I think I was a little upset.  You can be the judge.  :O)

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Slavery Status Update 2.0

4 years from now we’ll be leaving video status updates as mere public relations to let all of our “friends” know what we are doing.

Some of us can go a whole year never even actually having a telephone or a live conversation with half the “friends” on our list. We call this community, when it is a digitized bastardized version of community. You would probably never be close enough to most of your friends on Facebook to even borrow $50 yet you are broadcasting your whereabouts and your what to dos like you have a psueso reality tv show.

Some of You give more status updating with your “friends” than you do with candid conversations with your mother or father. It is easier for us to spend 5 -15 minutes every day updating our status for people who in general don’t care. They find it interesting usually because people either put too much information on Facebook or nonsensical information like what they are presently eating for lunch. If you really think the world is so interested in your life, get a camera man to follow you around and make your own reality tv show or get a twitter account and let us subscribe to your nonsense. If you are an artist or business person and you use status update for marketing/promotion, what I said above does not apply to you. You keep pimping your stuff.

However before a computer screen or smartphone asked you “what you are doing” (FYI – this is a tool/gimmick to keep you using Facebook), “people” actually did that.

I know a friend who did not want to share how her week had gone but referenced obtaining that info by reading her status updates.

Wow we have become our own publicists. We share with the world what we want them to know about us. We post the pictures we want others to see. We shape how our “friends” see us. It is like creating the us we would like to be. Married people are “single”, or conveniently don’t post any info or pics about their husband or boyfriend. Single people are one way in the real world, but totally different on Facebook.

Do people actually make up stuff to update so they can seem busy or important?

I personally wish people would shut-up about what they are doing. I believe some people do it simply for the hope someone is paying attention to their life. It is almost as if all the people out in Facebook land actually care.

I know some of y’all do it to post to your crew. But guess what, everyone else sees your update. You can’t even go out to eat with people without seeing them actually have the thought and take out their phone and type an actual update on their status.

We really live in an iWorld with some iObsessed people who must let the world know what their iupdate is.

Get a clue. If you status update:

– Once a day – you like to share
– Twice a day – you really like to share
– Five times a day – you love yourself so much you must share your business because you have hallucinations other people love you as much as you love yourself
– 10+ times a day – you are secretly living out a reality tv show in your mind. Hello you have an addiction problem. Put down the phone. Call a preacher because you need deliverance.

Status update – What are you doing?

I am checking to make sure we are not enslaving ourselves to a distraction that makes us feel good but doesn’t produce much fruit.

Purify Me

As gold is both purified and polished, so must leaders be. Whether leading on the front lines of ministry or in the home, or getting set to enter the battle of leadership for the first time, all leaders must be tested and tempered.