Caterpillar Cocoon

The “Once Upon A Caterpillar” script is taking on a new life. It’s exciting to see Ezzy taking the script to a higher level at each rehearsal.

Interestingly enough we visited the ONE Festival producers on Monday for a “Meet & Greet” gathering of all the artists. Ezzy is one of seven artists performing in the festival. She will now be performing five nights (Apr 7, 8, 12, 13 & 17) in the LaTea Theater, which seats only 74 people.

We had a chance to walk on the stage and envision the production in the space. Since then, I have seen a new boldness and confidence in Ezzy. She’s starting to break through the cocoon.

When she arrived at our Thursday rehearsal, she had new jokes and a clearer focus. With eleven days left until the first performance, I’m excited to see the butterfly come out of the cocoon.

Take 5: Growth For Leaders

For Pastors, Leaders and heads of Businesses/Organizations

1) Name 5 people who will tell you the truth about yourself and your behavior even if you do not like it.

2) Of these 5 people, how many do you give permission to speak into your life?

3) How often do you convene with this group?

4) If you do not have 5 names, would you be willing to consider what accountability you have to anyone?

5) Why have you intentionally established it this way?

On the road to a healthy organization one of the paths is top down. By building capacity for the head of the organization, the fruit of that labor will benefit downward to the whole organization.

These 5 questions are foundational when it comes to leadership formation. Interestingly enough, how often is this practiced? Who suffers due to the lack of it?

So let us get back to work and build capacity. The world needs us to be healthy in our leadership.

Caterpillar Crawl

Last night was the first official rehearsal for “Once Upon A Caterpillar”. It was very productive. We attacked the entire script and created a revision which breathed life into Ezzy’s performance. She is brilliant at creativity and improv and we used those elements to enhance an already written script.

We were also able to imagine the rhythm of the show as it relates to music. The selected songs are consistent with the characters, as well as the theme of the show.

Oh, how much fun it is to watch the parts slowly join to form a whole. We are still in the cocoon, but in 20 more days, the butterfly will take flight.

Joseph, the Director

As previously mentioned, I will be directing “Once Upon A Caterpillar”, a one-woman show created by Esmeralda Castellon.  It is presently a work in progress with three character monologues.  As for time, it should come in at about 20-25 minutes.

Last week it was accepted in to the ONE Festival which is taking place at LaTea Theater down in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  This festival of one-person shows is from Apr 5-18, 2010.

Esmeralda, aka Ezzy, will be performing her show on April 7, 8, 13 & 17, all at 8pm.  As as festival, each night showcases two or three artists performing their show.

I do not have the exact ticket information as yet but I will share it once I do.

Once Upon A Caterpillar

“Once Upon A Caterpillar: A One-Woman Work in Progress” will be premiering next month in New York City as part of a festival of one person shows.

I have the privilege to direct and produce this show by a young and upcoming artist. She’s funny. She’s brilliant. And she’s a good friend of mine.

We’ve been in dialogue about this project for about a year and a half now. It’s amazing to see words spoken starting to manifest.

Since this will be the first ever presentation, there will be only three character monologues for this work-in-progress. The present script is about 20-25 minutes.

I look forward to sharing on this blog the evolution of this project from its initial presentation until it becomes a complete, full length one-woman show.

So stay tuned for more info…

Really Save The Last Dance

When i was growing up, every house party and every high school dance always ended with a Slow Jam. The “last song” was the “last chance” where you could get close to your boo, your potential boo, or someone else’s boo (whose mate was not there)…lol.

Interestingly enough the Bible talks about a last song. It’s an intimate slow jam with the sound of trumpets. The study of eschatology teaches that the Messiah will return at that trumphet song. He will appear in the clouds to bring those whom are called by His name to a heavenly place.

Here is displayed the great narrative of intimacy. Where God so loved the world He sent His Son, Jesus, to take on the form of flesh and live among us. He slow jammed with humanity by lowering Himself and taking on a human form to live a sinless life and to die an excruciating death. This cursed death fulfilled the established moral law so mankind can be reconciled to an eternal loving God.

Are we ready for that last song? Have we made our peace with God? Save your “Last Dance” for Jesus so you can be with Him “Always and Forever”.