While looking across the landscape I see soldiers bleeding on the field. Christian soldiers…church leaders…church members…innocent bystanders. Carnage. Explosions. Devastation. Destruction. 

The House has been destroyed due to negligence and poor choices. The tornado of Disunity. The hail of Disharmony. The typhoon of Greediness. The hurricane of Lust. The flood of Evil. The storms of Shame, Pride, and Arrogance. 

This inclimate season of foolishness has cost lives. No one is safe…

The 70 Club

Today I completed Book #70 books. What an accomplishment. I never even imagined this year would be like this. The insight, wisdom, and questioning have been so engaging. Looking forward to 2017’s Book Experience.

Here is my list.
(Physical books are noted in parentheses.)

Alexander Hamilton
Alone On The Ice
American Creation
As You Think
Ask Gary Vee
At Canaan’s Edge
Between The World & Me
Binding The Strongman
Blackhawk Down
Crazy Busy
Experiencing God (physical book) *read twice
Gang Leader for a Day
Giants of Political Thought
Go For No
Hamilton: Revolution
Holy Bible (eBook)
James Madison
Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus (physical book)
Let Your Life Speak (physical book)
Navy Seals
Parting The Waters
Performing Under Pressure
Pillar of Fire
Pirate Hunters
Ready Player One
Rules of Engagement
Smarter Faster Better
Steve Jobs
Sun Stand Still
The Art of Letting Go
The Book of Five Rings
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
The Complete Book of Five Rings
The End of Power
The Fighter’s Mind
The Fire Next Time
The Great Bridge
The Industries of the Future
The Innovators
The Long Run
The Lost City of Z
The Marriage Covenant (physical book)
The Millionaire Mind
The New Jim Crow
The Obstacles to Deliverance
The Panoramic Seer
The Quartet
The Science of Getting Rich
The School of the Seers
The Seer
The Third Wave
The Ultra Mindset
The Unfettered Mind
The Virgin Way
The Warrior Ethos (physical book)
They Shall Expel Demons
Thomas Jefferson: Art of Power
Victory Over Darkness
Voice of a Prophet
War Against All PuertoRicans
Washington: A Life
When Heaven Invades Earth
Why Nations Fail
Your First Marathon
Zero to One

My Top 10 Books for 2016

2016 was a great year for reading books. So far I have completed 69 books this year. Below is my Top Ten List and my Special Awards.

TOP 10
1)Washington: A Life
2)Ready Player One
3)Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
4)The Great Bridge
5)Experiencing God
6)Performing Under Pressure
7)The Art of Letting Go
8)Steve Jobs
9)Parting The Waters
10)Notes To My Nephew

Best Biography – Washington

Couldn’t Put Down – Ready Player One

Funniest Book – Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Most Transformative – Experiencing God

Most Wisdom – Notes To My Nephew

NOTES TO MY NEPHEW (my new book)


As I look throughout my life I wish I had male role models step up to the plate and mentor me. My dad played both an active and passive role. However every other influential male in my life happened passively. I resorted to gaining mentors by observation and reading.

Because I did not want my teenage nephew Jaydin to experience this, I decided to write him a book.

It’s called NOTES TO MY NEPHEW. In it I shared as much proverbial wisdom as I could. It took me three years to write it. This summer I gave it to him as a birthday present.

If you are looking for wisdom for your son, your nephew, your neighbor, or yourself, this book is a great source to have. Get it here.

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