Supporting Stupidity

Supporting Stupidity

Social media gives us a wonderful platform to express our opinions and share our world. But some people are just stupid. And affirming their stupidity by liking their posts only entrenches them deeper in that special place called Stupidity Landfill. Yes, Stupidity Landfill is real.

This Landfill is piling up with way too many people. Therefore we must diligently prevent these individuals from going deeper into the Landfill.

Here are Four Lifesaving Tips for those swimming in the Deep End of Stupidity Landfill:

1)Stop liking their bullshit posts. We all know they don’t live the thing they are posting. Stop being nice by acknowledging their posts. Ignore the post. As a matter of fact, just block or straight up delete them.

2)Tell them how stupid the post was. You can leave it in the comment section or just snapshot it and send it back to them stamped “STUPID”. I wish Instagram and Facebook had a Stupid Button to help facilitate this process.

(The irony is some of these posts instead of showing how clever and bright the person is, often times show how idiotic they really are.)

3)Report them to the authorities for making offensive posts. Yes, their stupidity is OFFENSIVE to the online community. They need to be punished for hurting the world with unnecessary and blatant stupidity.

4)Pray for them. Many of our friends in the Stupidity Landfill don’t know any better. They need a miracle from God to open up their minds and their hearts to real wisdom. And for those of you who celebrate your faith deeply, you can also fast for these people.

Thank you for acknowledging this Public Service Crisis Announcement. Now go and be a beautiful online citizen and STOP these Stupidity Bandits from running rampant on social media.